WPT set to host biggest buy-in tournament, to take place in Philippines

The World Poker Tour, from 2nd to 8th Jan, will go back to Asia for the WPT National Philippines Festival of Poker. It would include the biggest buy-in event in the history of WPT – a US$ 200000 Super High Roller.
Poker King Club’s President and CEO Winfred Yu said that they, at the Poker King Club always targets to press the boundaries of poker that led to us being named as Home of the World’s Biggest Game. That target is now returning to the World Poker Tour National Philippines with a the Super High Roller, and they are happy to include the gravitas of well-known poker players into that mix, like Mr. Richard Yong, the Australian Millions champion and businessman.

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Maria Stern poker accomplishments cement her reputation on the poker landscape

If women can do what men can do, Maria Stern would be a clear illustration of this trite adage used in all spheres of life to empower women.

No sooner had the ink dried after her husband won three trove WSOP bracelets than she leapt at hers on the same year in 1997 catapulting the Stern’s to the apex for couples who have won the accolades. She has participated in myriad events at various global circuits where she has always left an indelible mark. Based in the poker hub of Las Vegas, Nevada, her resume incorporates magnificent accomplishments that would inspire other women to strengthen the global poker sisterhood. A keen glimpse at her exemplary accomplishments will shed light on why she is a classical top-notch.

At the fore, her record contains numerous games in the Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em tournaments. Her nascent achievements include her fourth place in the World Series of Poker $1,000 Women Seven Card Stud tournament. In clinching her first ever bracelet in 1997 in the $1,500 seven card stud tournament, she also took home a sizeable $140,708. Additionally, she has also thrown her hat in other games where she has performed incredibly. Continue reading “Maria Stern poker accomplishments cement her reputation on the poker landscape”

Pramesh ‘Praz’ Bansi Oeuvre in Poker is Illustrious

Poker has developed at a breakneck pace, today, it accounts for billions of shillings in the gambling industry worldwide.

The World Series of Poker is one of the profound international circuits that players can leverage to get rich and entrench a trove title under their belts. The English have played in poker arenas featuring in many events where they have participated with flying colors. Praz Bansi is an English poker player who has played in the WSOP and other home events where he has squeezed plethora dollars and coveted titles.

His record encompasses achievements that propel him to the pedestal like other poker superstars. A strategy that Bansi has always used to rake in more cash for his wallet is cashing, it’s in record he has cashed continuously at the WSOP since 2006. Continue reading “Pramesh ‘Praz’ Bansi Oeuvre in Poker is Illustrious”

Marco Caldwell Johnson Poker Accomplishments Conspicuous

Poker is heady per se, no player can win consistently, and even pros like Phil Ivey have suffered heavy losses that they have had to cope up with. It is no surprise that most players opt to cash and finish runner-up. The critical undertaking is to cushion the bankroll against substantial losses by offsetting it by any means possible. Marco Caldwell Johnson subscribes to these notions as he has a total of 22 cashes. However, in the course of his losses, a WSOP bracelet finally found its way to his hands in 2013 after eluding him twenty-two times. Johnson also sailed through online in the limit HORSE getting a WCOOP championship title and other prizes. Throughout his poker career, ostensibly, he improves after every tournament.

He won the 343-players $2,500 6-Handed limit hold’em 2013 WSOP Event 48 that added a colossal $206,796. He had previously emerged 2nd at the 2,317-players $2,000 NLHE WSOP Event #48 scooping $491,723. Antecedently, he had finished runners-up thrice in the WSOP. This includes the $2,500 limit hold’em 6-handed 2012 WSOP Event 40 and the $1,500 PL Omaha High-Low Split-8 Event 31 2013. In September 2012, he went ahead to triumph during the $320 Buy-in PokerStars.com 2012 WCOOP Limit HORSE Event #41 overcoming a huge pool of 598 entrants to walk away with $33,727.20. He also earned himself $85,481 at the $150 plus $13 buy in (Full Tilt Poker) 200k Guarantee NLHE with re-buys online. Suffice to say, his largest online prize was when he ranked third in the $10,000 plus $300 buy in PokerStars WCOOP HORSE Event #44 earning a good $133,900 in 2011.

With his wide array of winnings that he has accomplished hitherto, one cannot impugn his resume is not excellent. Additionally, Marco Caldwell Johnson has managed to win a WCOOP bracelet in the $320 Limit HORSE in 2012 where he got $33,727.20. The record he has established up to now depicts a player who is expectant of more cash for his winnings and trophies alongside.

Aaron Been with 6 titles and 87 career cashes proves to be the best poker player

Can you imagine the proud feel one would enjoy when they have gained enough of titles by playing the poker game? The first thing one should note in this game is the risk involved in it due to which not many people would be showing interest towards playing these games. However, few people who have realized the potential income that could flow into their account provided they were able to apply the best strategies would be able to continue in this world. One such person who has been able to survive in this world not just for the name sake but for the real cash prizes is the great player Aaron Been who has been doing wonderful job in the poker business.

Irrespective of how many tables he has played one should definitely give a big round of applause to him for winning nearly 87 of them. The total amount that he was able to make from the cash prizes is quite interesting which is $1,035,380. Of course he has done very good job in few of the attempts he made in the online games and hence was able to win nearly 6 titles in his name thus proving how smart he is with respect to playing the poker games. His biggest achievement was on January 30th in the year 2011 when he played the Full Tilt poker – The Sunday Brawl (bounty) where he was able to finish 1st either by applying effective strategies or by luck and was able to get his biggest cash prize of $266,113. This cash prize is considered to be the biggest amount he ever won even until today.

His recent record to the career was made on July 18th 2012 which he made by playing in Bellagio Cup VIII Main Event where he placed himself at the final table smartly and was also able to finish 8th, thus winning $26,926.

Lex Veldhuis, most popular player who loves computer games

Like many guys, even Lex Veldhuis is also a bad lover of sports due to which he enjoyed lot of time in playing sports. Soon his competitive instincts have led to the situation of playing the computer games. He spent his time equally in playing both the outdoor games and indoor computer games. He began with the Nintendo and quickly upgraded his skill sets to become eligible for playing the best strategy games like the StarC raft which every individual who is fond of the online games would be interested to play. It was through this fantastic game that the fellow poker pro by name Bertrand Grospellier has encouraged him to join the poker war with them. Surprisingly Lex got his first deposit from Gropellier alias Elky which is around $10 for playing at the PokerStars in the year 2005 after which he was able to build up his own poker history.

His first big winning price was recorded as on date February 2006 where he has won the 20th position in the EPT Deauville No Limit Hold’em Main event thus winning the money prize of $10,536. Since then he never got good winning prize money that crossed $20,000. But in May 2009 when he played the WSOP No Limit Hold’em he did his magic by clearing 7th position at the final table thus finally being successful in winning huge cash prize of $277,939. Again in October 2010, he played the Dutch Poker Open Main Event in which he was able to achieve 1st finishing at the final table thus winning the cash of $86,130 which is also a considerable amount.

As he now understood what to do when playing the poker games, he now gained confidence in splitting the time he has with him among both the places like the Las Vegas and the Rotterdam. Personally he has interest to complete his degree in criminology but could not make out time being busy in poker.

Caesar Entertainment’s latest buy: the start of a new age

Caesars Entertainment Corp., owner of the esteemed World Series of Poker, may make an offer on Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Offers for the once bankrupt property are expected in two weeks. Revel’s insolvency recording, which was finished last year, wiped away $1.2 billion of its $1.5 billion in obligation. It is currently claimed by an assembly of speculative stock investments.

The property ran into financial issues before really getting gathered. It took six years to complete and obliged an additional $1.1 billion financing in 2011, on top of state help. Eventually, it takes $2.4 billion to build. The inn will be sold with all its stakes and furniture, which incorporate gaming tables, openings, and so forth. At this point, Caesars has four clubhouses in Atlantic City. They are Harrah’s, Caesars,Ballys and Showboat and many more.

New Jersey is home to a shiny new internet betting industry, after the state saw its first operators’ presentation games in late November. Caesars, based on its partnership with 888, owns the largest online gaming website in the state, as per the information from Pokerscout. Hard Rock International, which is claimed by Florida’s Seminole tribe, allegedly is an alternate potential player in gaining Revel.

Caesars purportedly has its obligation of more than $24 billion. New Jersey has become the center of gaming revenues in Atlantic City slump since 2006. In the year 2013, the total casino win was close to $2.9 billion, which was a downward slide of almost 6.2-percent when compared with the previous year. Gaming income hit an untouched high of almost $5.2 billion in the year 2006. The purchase will surely usher in a new time in the field of online gaming, as Caesars’ reputation precedes it due to its successful WSOP endeavours.

Doyle F. Brunson: The Godfather of Poker

Poker in the old days was by all means considered criminal by the common folk. Today, we can see different movies and stylized versions of how the game evolved to one of the most widely played indoor games in the world. But in truth, the legends of the game narrate completely different versions of how life really was.

Today, due to sufficient legislation and monitoring, the game is played upon fixed rules and regulations. Back then, the game was confined to small backrooms in bars and clubs where shady individuals indulged in tense games of amateur poker. Among these people, one group of friends made it possible for popularizing the game and paving the way for it to reach the heights that it has today. Let’s take a look at a brief history of one of the most influential names in poker, Texas Dolly or the Godfather of Poker, Doyle F. Brunson.

Doyle F. Brunson has played professionally for over 50 years. He is a two-time champion of the acclaimed World Series of Poker Main Event championship, an inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame, and the writer of a few books on poker. Brunson began off by playing in illicit games in his hometown in Texas with a companion named Dwayne Hamilton.

In the long run, they started voyaging around Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, playing in games with greater scope, and making friends with experts Sailor Roberts and Amarillo Slim. The unlawful private games Brunson played in throughout this time were normally run by crooks and so manages were not dependably implemented. Brunson has conceded to having being threatened by armed men numerous times in his life and that he was robbed and severely beaten on multiple occasions. Poker was not a socially acknowledged profession in that day and age.