Kentucky To Reconsider Casino Legislation

The Kentucky is among that handful of states in America that has no casinos; however, the place has number casino lovers.

The place could change if this year, the fresh proposal gains some traction.

According to the reports, published in, Representatives of Kentucky Dennis Keene, Rick Rand, D-Wilder, and D-Bedford, have introduced an amendment in the constitutional that is in the favor of the casino and calls for casinos in the state. For this introduction Keene called it as the “start of the conversation.”

According to the planning by state, the place would have four independent casinos all stand-alone and six gambling facilities and it is located at the existing horse tracks in the state. However, the decision of local communities would also be taken in this regards and they would decide if they want a casino at the place.

Kentucky has a pension problem of $40 billion, and presence of casinos could help in solving it, according to the backers’ proposal. It is worth noting that discussion of casinos have been made for nearly 20 consecutive legislative sessions, and do far, all the efforts have proved failed.

Both Rand and Keene say casinos would generate the revenue of $325 million in one-time fees and an additional amount of $236 million yearly for the state. This projection has yet not able to impress Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican; he is still in opposing on it.

Despite the stance of anti-casino, Kentucky has an online lottery gambling at a place. However, in the year 2014, the state considered the thought of banning few forms of internet game.

What could augur well for the issue of casino in Kentucky is that the Supreme Court of U.S. is set to consider a repeal of a 1992 federal law. If the challenge of a court is successful, casinos will be at the place.