Kentucky To Reconsider Casino Legislation

The Kentucky is among that handful of states in America that has no casinos; however, the place has number casino lovers.

The place could change if this year, the fresh proposal gains some traction.

According to the reports, published in, Representatives of Kentucky Dennis Keene, Rick Rand, D-Wilder, and D-Bedford, have introduced an amendment in the constitutional that is in the favor of the casino and calls for casinos in the state. For this introduction Keene called it as the “start of the conversation.”

According to the planning by state, the place would have four independent casinos all stand-alone and six gambling facilities and it is located at the existing horse tracks in the state. However, the decision of local communities would also be taken in this regards and they would decide if they want a casino at the place.

Kentucky has a pension problem of $40 billion, and presence of casinos could help in solving it, according to the backers’ proposal. It is worth noting that discussion of casinos have been made for nearly 20 consecutive legislative sessions, and do far, all the efforts have proved failed. Continue reading “Kentucky To Reconsider Casino Legislation”

iNinja Poker Tour News

The iNinja Poker Tour is another poker tour that is on currently though there have been certain restructuring efforts that have come by due to changes requested by several players who are sponsored by the forum.

Isaac Tucker is the operator and owner of the company that is based out of Minnesota. He has released a statement stating that the tour will proceed as planned, though a rift occurred recently between certain players who are sponsored by the company. The tour has been restructured in its schedule as well as the management having taken certain decisions to restructure certain events. There were a certain number of charges placed by players like Aaron Johnson, Vlad Revniaga and Kou Vang. They stated that Tucker had not paid the contractors and employers on time. The company had failed to distribute the prize money on several occasions when these players had participated in iNinja Leagues. The funds of the company were being used for other means and payments were not being made on time. Continue reading “iNinja Poker Tour News”

Master Classics Of Poker Starts

There is much talk about the Master Classics of Poker event that has started off from 17TH November.

This is an annual event that sees several celebrated players as well as newbie are who register for the event. This year it is a silver edition that would be worth following. There is something special this year; it is the 25th edition of Master Classics of Poker. The event is planned over a period of 15 days. The players’ party that started off the event was a gala event too.

The event was planned to be held from 12th to 26th of November 2016. Being planned in Amsterdam, this event offered a chance for all poker enthusiasts to register as per the schedule that was published on their website as well as on the social media pages. Continue reading “Master Classics Of Poker Starts”

Global Poker League Events

The Global Poker League was concluded recently and it has been in the news as it was the inaugural session of this tournament that was held for the first time this year.

While Montreal Nationals won the title, there are many aspects of this tournament worth noting as well. The Cube was the venue for the novel tournament that was held in Las Vegas. The Berlin Bears and Montreal ended up in the final struggle for the title. It was concluded last Thursday and it featured several star players in the teams.

There was an eleven match series held in the tournament and the best of the eleven matches was decided for. The two teams contested for a while and the final winning amount was a check of $100,000. It is hoped that Global Poker League will move on to subsequent sessions in the following years. The first season saw preparations start off from February of this year. Continue reading “Global Poker League Events”

SHR Poker battle US$ 25000 High Roller

The US$ 1 million $25000 buy-in Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown no-limit high roller drew in a pack of ninety-four entries, easily exceeding the guarantee to build a prize kitty of US$ 2350000. David Malka came out as the winner with the title, the 1st spot prize of US$ 658000 along with 756 POY points.

It was his 2nd title of the year, after winning the US$3,250 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament at the World Series of Poker Circuit series at Bicycle Casino for another US$70,355 and two-hundred-sixteen points. With these 2 victories, Malka has jumped to sixty-second spot in the rankings with nine-hundred-seventy-two points.
Malka went to the No 1 spot tough the final table on the way to win, including the likes of World Series of Poker 2013 main event 4th spot ender Sylvain Loosli (Second – US$ 481,750), Tim West (Third – US$ 298,450), Player of the Year 2015 race 3rd place finisher Nick Petrangelo (Fourth- US$ 206,800) as well as WPT Championship main event winner 2009 Yevgeniy Timoshenko (Sixth – US$ 101,050).
Continue reading “SHR Poker battle US$ 25000 High Roller”

WPT set to host biggest buy-in tournament, to take place in Philippines

The World Poker Tour, from 2nd to 8th Jan, will go back to Asia for the WPT National Philippines Festival of Poker. It would include the biggest buy-in event in the history of WPT – a US$ 200000 Super High Roller.
Poker King Club’s President and CEO Winfred Yu said that they, at the Poker King Club always targets to press the boundaries of poker that led to us being named as Home of the World’s Biggest Game. That target is now returning to the World Poker Tour National Philippines with a the Super High Roller, and they are happy to include the gravitas of well-known poker players into that mix, like Mr. Richard Yong, the Australian Millions champion and businessman.

Continue reading “WPT set to host biggest buy-in tournament, to take place in Philippines”

Maria Stern poker accomplishments cement her reputation on the poker landscape

If women can do what men can do, Maria Stern would be a clear illustration of this trite adage used in all spheres of life to empower women.

No sooner had the ink dried after her husband won three trove WSOP bracelets than she leapt at hers on the same year in 1997 catapulting the Stern’s to the apex for couples who have won the accolades. She has participated in myriad events at various global circuits where she has always left an indelible mark. Based in the poker hub of Las Vegas, Nevada, her resume incorporates magnificent accomplishments that would inspire other women to strengthen the global poker sisterhood. A keen glimpse at her exemplary accomplishments will shed light on why she is a classical top-notch.

At the fore, her record contains numerous games in the Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em tournaments. Her nascent achievements include her fourth place in the World Series of Poker $1,000 Women Seven Card Stud tournament. In clinching her first ever bracelet in 1997 in the $1,500 seven card stud tournament, she also took home a sizeable $140,708. Additionally, she has also thrown her hat in other games where she has performed incredibly. Continue reading “Maria Stern poker accomplishments cement her reputation on the poker landscape”

Pramesh ‘Praz’ Bansi Oeuvre in Poker is Illustrious

Poker has developed at a breakneck pace, today, it accounts for billions of shillings in the gambling industry worldwide.

The World Series of Poker is one of the profound international circuits that players can leverage to get rich and entrench a trove title under their belts. The English have played in poker arenas featuring in many events where they have participated with flying colors. Praz Bansi is an English poker player who has played in the WSOP and other home events where he has squeezed plethora dollars and coveted titles.

His record encompasses achievements that propel him to the pedestal like other poker superstars. A strategy that Bansi has always used to rake in more cash for his wallet is cashing, it’s in record he has cashed continuously at the WSOP since 2006. Continue reading “Pramesh ‘Praz’ Bansi Oeuvre in Poker is Illustrious”